The World Is Changing With Face Recognition And AI Based Video Surveillance

AI Security Camera System

Face recognition and AI based video surveillance are two of the most revolutionary technologies that we have come across lately and they are very closely linked.

Let Us Understand Face Recognition Camera System First
Facial recognition system is what we call the future of video surveillance because this technology is capable of identifying a person and verify their identity and whereabouts from a digital image or a video frame captured through surveillance equipment. There are several methods and applications in which facial recognition system can come in handy. The whole system works by storing and comparing selected facial features of a person from a given image and it is also described as biometric artificial intelligence. Because it identifies a person by analyzing certain patterns based on their facial textures and shapes it is considered a bio metric procedure /system.

Coming To Artificial Intelligence Based Video Surveillance
AI based video surveillance uses computer software programs to analyze video and images to efficiently recognize humans, moving objects, vehicles and several events. There are several programs that are being designed to define restricted areas or sections of a particular property that can be monitored effectively for safety precautions. The AI enabled surveillance systems identify various scenes and objects and enhance machine vision with a series of algorithms and mathematical procedures. The AI technology then uses the references stored in its database with the moving objects from the footage and a comparison is drawn to assess whether or not the recorded information resembles any of the previously fed data in their systems. Combining all the values and assessing all the data results in a comparison that enables the user to identify moving objects from humans and other elements. This way it becomes very difficult to fool or trip modern day security systems or face recognition technologies that are based on artificial intelligence.

AI Based Camera

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