The simple security feature of detecting faces and notifying the user is a revolutionary one. The use cases are a proof of that. Powered by AI technology, AIciti has several use cases…



Banks can use AIciti for security and marketing purposes. The security systems of AIciti like AI based video surveillance and AI security cameras play a key role in boosting the security at banks. With the help of security systems, banks can create a list of VIP customers, suspects, and others. Once they see a VIP customer or a privileged customer arriving in the bank, the staff can approach and greet them well. If they see a potential suspect in the bank, they can alert the security departments on time.
One camera system covers marketing as well as security for the banks. It’s an absolute win for the banks!

Institutions & Campus


There are certain sections in the school where students’ entry is restricted. Simply deploy the security surveillance system camera in that area and switch on the notification system if the camera catches a student’s face there. Using this principle, the camera can be deployed at any place in the school.
It can also be used to identify who has come to pick up the kid from school. Whether it was a family member or someone else. This improves security to a whole another level in the educational institutions and schools.



AIciti aims to serve the best AI-powered home security solutions protecting you and your family from the intruders, trespassers, and anyone who you think shouldn’t be in your house without your permission. Its home security camera systems and wireless home security cameras allow home-owners to view their home anytime from any location.
Create a list of friends, family, suspects, and unknowns. Turn on the notifications for whichever list you want to get notified for any unwanted entry in your house.



Server room, manufacturing area, dispatch section, quality section, there are several areas in an industrial plant that are open for particular departments only. Deploying a Security Guard at the front door of each section is costly. However, deploying security cameras like AI surveillance camera and face recognition camera system to guard the sections is a wise choice. They are cost-effective and efficient as well.
This reduces the risk of theft, and blocks an unauthorized access in the departments.

Hotels & Hospitality


Hotels and restaurants can use AIciti for marketing as well as security just as the banks do.
Marketing: Hotels can identify if a celebrity guest or a VIP guest is in their hotel. They can offer a special treatment to the celebrity guests to increase the goodwill of the hotel.
Security: Hotels too can know the entry of the unauthorized person to the restricted area and the security staff can take action on time. Potential suspects or troublemakers can also be detected. AI security camera systems of AIciti play a key role in boosting the security at hotels and restaurants.



Shoplifters are uninvited visitors in the stores. You cannot identify them regularly. If their image is stored in the AIciti database and they arrive in your store, you can readily identify them and call security.
Retail store owners can also treat their regular visitors well. This sends out a good message to the shoppers that the retail store takes good care of the visitors.

Why Choose AIciti?

  • You get 24×7 security powered by Artificial Intelligence. It reduces human dependency for security purposes.
  • Accurate Identification of the listed people to take the right action based on the person identified
  • Quick detection and real-time notification to save the time of action needed to stop the false activity
  • Easy Installation and Deployment which makes it fit for homes, schools, offices, retail shops, etc.
  • Unlimited Data Storage so you can create multiple lists and save even a thousand employees.

AIciti Features

Explore the Features of your Intelligent Security Surveillance System – AIciti

  • Plug and Play: Just connect the power cable, internet and you are good to go. Easy user manual instructions
  • Easy UI: Easy User Interface makes navigation, list creation, data-viewing easy in the backend of the camera’s dashboard.
  • Fast Image Processing: Built to process the images within seconds, matching them in the database.
  • AI Powered: AI offers the next level of facial recognition technology that just does its job in just a couple of seconds and notifies the user in real-time.
  • Unlimited Storage: You can create multiple lists and save as many images of your known, unknowns, suspects, and criminals as you want.

AIciti’s features make it fit for multiple locations such as schools, Institutions, retail shops, corporate offices, manufacturing industries to help in threat prevention.

AIciti Security Camera

How AIciti Protects You?

AIciti is your watchful protector that is always on duty when you are asleep or awake, whether you are at home or not. AIciti is always on the watch for the intruders, unknown people, suspects who are unauthorized to enter your property whether it is commercial, residential, or industrial. It provides a range of security systems like AI based video surveillance, home security camera system, wireless home security cameras, face recognition camera system, etc. provide fool-proof security services.

As AIciti detects the unknown person or a suspect or anyone you have blacklisted, it will then notify you via a phone alert (If you have set the phone alert after the detection of the unknown or suspects). You can then take action accordingly. You can ignore the alert if the visit from the unknown was scheduled and you already knew about it.

In case of an unauthorized person trespassing your property, you can call the local police department.

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Traffic Counter

Our traffic counter, when deployed in a retail store, can help the store owner increase three key parameters.

Conversion Rate
Average Transaction Value
Number of Items Per Transaction

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