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Man has created intelligent machines through artificial intelligence. There are many little to big machines designed for face recognition, speech recognition, learning, planning, problem-solving, perform a specific task etc. The face recognition has been used on AI home security cameras and AI based video surveillance wherever needed.

AI based video surveillance home security cameras, through a computer software program, analyze the images from video to recognize the human faces and other elements in the surroundings.

You can set it up in the area that you want to cover in the camera and save the faces of your family. If the camera finds any new face in that premise, it detects that and sends you an alert notification.

How AI helps Security Cameras Recognize Faces

There are a few features of the face that the camera records such as the distance between the eyebrows, the distance between the eyes, the distance between the nose and lips, the width from ear to ear, the jawline among other features. The saved features for one face in the camera is stored till the time the user wants to delete. If the best home security camera finds any face mismatching the saved faces, it sends an alert notification to the user.

It captures the face from the live feed, matches with the database and if nothing is found, the notification is sent. This way, you can get an alert for every unknown person that visits your house be it delivery guys, a thief or a burglar. You can stop the burglary in real-time with AI home security camera.

Artificial Intelligence in Home Security

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