Ai Security Camera Systems for Video Surveillance

AI security cameras that are used for video surveillance, analyze the audio and images via software to identify the humans (saved images, marked images), objects, vehicles or anything else in the frame. Whenever an object, a human face or anything enters within their range, they start to analyze it to detect it. You can install it in your porch area, sidewalk, street, parking lot, inside the office, or in the areas that have restricted entry.

When the camera detects an unknown or marked face within its range, it sends an alert to the user through the mobile app. Knowing that there’s a trespasser, the user can act in real-time and stop things to go south.

Artificial Intelligence uses the machine vision which is a combination of mathematical steps or a series of algorithms that compares the objects/people seen by the camera to the ones that are already in the database and when something doesn’t match with the reference images or actually matches with the references (in case the user has saved the images of potential threats), the user gets alarmed. Things like the face’s shape, the distance between the eyes, the distance of nose from lips, distance between eyebrows and other parameters are checked by the camera to come up with the solution.

Ai security cameras have revolutionized the security ecosystem we already have. They are everywhere. We see face recognition camera systems in schools, homes, offices, building apartments, shopping malls, traffic signals, streets, sports arenas and other public areas.

AI security cameras

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