AI Face Recognition – Are You Ready For The Camera Security Systems Of The Future?

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Everyone seems to be talking about AI face recognition and the way it is going to affect how we use camera security systems and surveillance equipment in the future. This is because at the moment even our smartphones and several other mobile devices have face recognition hardware and software. Facial recognition in conjunction with artificial intelligence is going to be the new norm sooner than we think. This technology is going to feature in plenty of devices and our security camera systems are not going to be far behind either.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Facial recognition is basically the process by which the Identity of a person is verified using the structure of their face. With the help of software and hardware enabled with artificial intelligence the various patterns on a person’s face and its details are captured, analyzed and compared to verify their identity. When it comes to modern day security camera systems and surveillance equipment, the face detection process here is going to become very essential.

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This technology is going to detect and locate human faces in images and videos and enhance our security systems. Needless to mention this technology is already in use but the future holds a lot of promise. The face capture process transforms an image which is in the form of analogue information, into a set of digital signals which is primarily data based on the person’s facial features. The face match process of this technology can easily verify if two faces belong to the same person. This makes for fast and easy identification and verification.

A very popular example of AI face recognition camera technology is our very own and beloved iPhone X. The users of this device are already using facial recognition technology which is the face ID biometric solution developed by apple.

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