AI Enabled Security Surveillance Systems And Searchable Video

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A lot of home security camera system providers and artificial intelligence pioneers in the industry say that AI surveillance begins with searchable video. What does that mean? We will explain how the best home security camera systems and face recognition technology works with the help of this example:

In case of a robbery that happened a few miles across the city, you don’t really know what exactly happened. According to some witnesses there was a particular car that was found speeding in the north east direction after the incident took place. So, you use the security surveillance footage and the camera systems to search for the car in question. You would type in the necessary keywords and put in the right commands to search for the relevant video clips. The right footage and videos are going to populate the screen shortly after this. You will be able to spot the car carelessly gliding by.

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Going All The Way With Google Cloud
This is the first and the most prominent advantage of combining wireless home security cameras or commercial CCTV footage with artificial intelligence. This will make it much easier to find what you are looking for. Without this technology, your cameras know nothing and even you know nothing. You will be surprised to know that there are several security surveillance systems available in the market that run on Google Cloud. They can search footage from practically any CCTV system. Now moving from one camera to a matrix of thousands of cameras is very much possible. So if you are thinking about establishing a network of such artificial intelligence enabled face recognition camera systems and more, it can be done. This is how searchable video is a critical aspect of AI enabled security surveillance systems.

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