About Us

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    Our Vision
AIciti Camera System

To expand the reach of AI-powered security solutions to houses, educational institutes, hotels, retail stores, and other places where security is a major concern.

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    Our Mission
AIciti Security System

To make the world a better and safer place by offering it powerful and reliable solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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    Our Goals
AIciti - Our Goal

Making technological solutions available at affordable prices so they can reach the masses. We want to prepare you today for the future.









About Us

AIciti offers artificial intelligence and machine learning technology solutions for your business and personal safety. It aims to increase the efficiency of your business and boost customer profitability and loyalty. AI based video surveillance and security surveillance system by AICiti play a key role in business operations by promoting better security and convenience. Our AI based solutions help in enhancing surveillance equipment to perform a better job. Certain processes like analyzing and collecting data can be automated and others like searching video footage can be accelerated. We employ the latest technology when it comes to designing home security camera system to ensure that your home is safe from any outer threats. The system helps in recording activities that are going around as well as inside the home in the absence of homeowner.

AIciti is focused on building latest ML and AI based solutions which can be deployed in the simplest of ways for the benefit of society. The technology plays a key role in taking a proactive approach to manage safety and security.

Why Choose AIciti?
Residential Security
Commercial Requirements
C-Mount 75%
Day/Night 78%
Infrared/Night Vision 80%
Network/IP 70%

Let’s put Artificial Intelligence at work together to meet your security needs.