Complete Protection from Unknowns, Suspects, and Criminals

AIciti is your security partner offering you a proactive and interactive system that is built to prevent crime in real-time and keep your home, office, retail shop, corporate office, and ultimately the whole world a safer place.

AIciti – Powering the Security Solutions

AIciti is one of its kind security camera powered by the reliable Artificial Intelligence that never lets an unknown face or a suspect criminal pass through its sharp lens. AIciti is always there as your watchful protector that guards your property at all costs.

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Plug and Play

Data Saving

24x7 Support

AI Powered

Easy UI

Unlimited Storage

Fast Image Processing

Face Detection, Tracking, & Matching


Due to its Multidimensional value addition using deep learning analytics, the use cases of AIciti expand to multiple domains.

AI Based Security Camera for banks

Banks can filter VIP customers from undesirable visitors. High-end security during cash flow.


AI Security Camera

Companies can better identify unauthorized entries in the restricted areas. Risk of theft is reduced.


AI Security System for Campus

Parents coming up to Children can be identified. Close supervision in examination centers

Institutions & Campus

AI Security Cameras in Hotels

Identification of VIP clients and blacklisted entries in restricted areas. Adding 24/7 AI security is a plus.

Hotels & Hospitality

Security Camers for Residential Properties

Detects the unauthorized visitors in your house and notifies you in real-time to act on the situation on time..


Face Recognition Cameras for Stores

Shoplifters can be identified and real-time actions can be taken to avoid thefts.


There’s another special use case:

Police can use the AIciti’s database to capture criminals, suspects. By this, they can even stop upcoming unfavorable events to occur.

Police can also use AIciti to track missing persons. This way they can know the exact location of the missing person in real-time.

Technical Specifications

Years of experience blended with Latest Technology for AIciti

The technology that only large corporations had access to is now available for every regular homeowner, retail shop owner, educational institutes and more.

Security Surveillance System
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How It Works

Install A Camera

Mount Camera at Target Locations

Connect Camera to Internet Broadband Router

No DVR/NVR/PC. No any other Hardware

wireless home security cameras

AIciti detects every face that passes through it wherever it is installed

Face Tracking Security Camera

AICAM tracks the face with the list saved in the database.

Create A Cloud Account

Create your Ai Cloud account (Free) no cost

Add Camera ID in your cloud account

Set email IDs for Alert

Upload images for Match

Face Matching Security Cameras

AICAM matches the person’s face on location with the ones in the database and notifies the user.

Get Alerts on Face Match

Configure your Email ID in your Phone

Get Emails alerts when a match is found

All alerts are in Real Time within seconds for Face Match

Let’s put Artificial Intelligence at work together to meet your security needs.